Sunday 8/8/2021
Al-Ahliyya Amman organizes fourth Olympics of the Arabic language "Al-Ola" on Jordanian state centenary

For the fourth year in a row, Al-Ahliyya Amman University held the Arabic Language Olympics (Al-Ola), from 1-8-2021 until 5-8-2021. The competition held in its own season on the occasion of (the centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state) on the Arena Theatre, in cooperation with the Crown Prince's Foundation (Dhaad Initiative), aims to preserve the Arabic language, strengthen its role in building future generations, and highlight school students skills in various arts using the Arabic language. The Olympics organizing-committee looks forward to a wider participation in the Arab world in the future. Thirty-one schools participated, including 5 private schools distributed from northern to southern parts of Jordan, and from various Jordanian provinces, via Microsoft Teams Platform, from grade 9 to grade 12, males and females. The competition included two main themes: My Lens (filming section), in which the school presents a documentary video, an operetta, or a theatrical performance of 3 to 6 minutes, and the second: My Pen (creative writing), which can be an article, a thought, a story, or poetry, dealing with the theme of the centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state. The videos were arbitrated by a committee specializing in the field of directing, including director Mohammad Hafez, Mr. Tarek Bkerat from the Jubaiha Studios, and Mr. Nader Sweidan of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, while the jury of the second axis was formed of Dr. Omyma Rawashda, who specializes in modern criticism, Dr. Fida Ghoneim of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Author Mohammad Jabr (story writer), and Dr. Ameen Iskandrani, General Coordinator of the Olympics, Ms. Suad Ghazal, and Lina Ja’rour of the Coordinating Committee. The winning schools in My Lens axis (filming section) came in the following order: first place, Mayar School; second place, First University Schools; and third place, Deir Elliat Schools. In the second axis, My Pen (Creative Writing), Al-Faisaliah High School for Girls won first place, Omariyyah Schools/ Zarqa came in second place, shared with Zarqa University Schools, and in the third place came Safia bint Abdul Muttalib School. And Al-Mayar Schools won the overall total of points. As for the challenge award, it was awarded to Al-Harsh High School for Boys.