Wednesday 7/7/2021
Dean of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University receives support from Scientific Research Fund

Professor Dr. Mohammed Al-Tannani, Dean of the Faculties of Pharmacy and Medical Support Sciences, in cooperation with al-Hussein Cancer Center, received financial support of JD 50,000 for a scientific research project from the Scientific Research Fund. The research project is entitled: “Innovating a protein (Ran) test as an indicator of the spread of cancer cells for people with malignant breast cancer in Jordan.” This financial support highlights the university's role in encouraging and continuously supporting the carrying out of research internationally, and placing it among national research priorities, and in partnership with national and international institutions. The University has established a center for pharmaceutical and diagnostic research, which contains the latest top-notched devices and a distinguished cadre of qualified researchers. It is worth noting here that a number of researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences obtained support for research projects in cooperation with research centers in Britain, in addition to cooperating with researchers from prestigious international universities.