Tuesday 29/6/2021
Princess Mona Al Hussein launches Forum on Role of Hashemites in establishing Nursing Profession at Al-Ahliyya Amman University

Under the patronage of Her Highness Princess Mona Al Hussein, the national forum organized by the Faculty of Nursing at Al-Ahliyya Amman University was launched on Monday, June 29, 2021, entitled "The role of Hashemites in establishing and developing the nursing profession towards reaching global markets." "In these blessed days, we celebrate the first centenary of the Jordanian state led by the Hashemites, and the Nation’s achievements of independence, unity, freedom, and great development progress," said Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Mohammed Abu Quddais, who opened the forum as a representative of Her Highness the Princess. Abu Quddais added that Jordan has made advanced steps in the field of health care sector, building hospitals and medical centers throughout the country, and has trained outstanding medical and nursing competencies, which made the country an important regional center for medical tourism. He pointed out that nurses are key partners in the medical advancement in Jordan. He stressed that the crisis of the Corona pandemic proved that they possess distinctive technical and professional skills that enabled them to perfectly carry out their duties. Abu Qadis said the forum highlights the achievements of the nursing profession in 100 years in the fields of legislations governing the profession, education standards, and best practices. He noted that these achievements would not have been possible without the support of Her Highness Princess Mona and her keenness on highlighting Jordan's role and place in the health sector. For his part, the President of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Dr. Sari Hamdan, pointed out that the university is proud of Her Highness Princess Mona Al Hussein’s sponsorship of the forum, stressing that the nursing profession is a product that Jordan is proud of abroad. He pointed out that Al-Ahliyya Amman University has established women's health center that will be operative early next year. Dr. Rawwayda Al-Maaita said Jordan has been at the forefront of medical tourism thanks to the Hashemite patronage of the medical and nursing sectors since the early 1920s. She stressed the importance of the role of Her Highness Princess Mona Al Hussein in the development of the nursing profession and the establishment of Princess Mona’s Faculty of Nursing, noting that this development stems from the Jordanian Nursing Council headed by her Highness. Dr. Muntaha Gharaibeh, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, said the aim of the forum is to highlight the role of Hashemites in the development of the nursing profession, and to present their role in placing the nursing profession on the world map, as well as to highlight the stages of the development of education in building national competencies capable of contributing to the building of Jordan. Dr. Anaam Khalaf of the University of Jordan talked about the progression of nursing education in the Kingdom. Dr. Majida Al Afif, of al-Hussein Cancer Center, talked about the Hashemites’ sponsorship and support of hospitals in Jordan, such as al-Hussein Cancer Center. And Dr. Louay Tawalba, of Al Bayt University, talked about scientific research in nursing and its role in improving health care and health indicators.