Wednesday 14/4/2021
The AAU Department of Civil Engineering Organizes A Competition for Graduation Projects

The AAU Department of Civil Engineering organized the first annual competition for the graduation projects online on March 27, 2021. The competition allowed 20 students from the department registered in the Graduation Project Courses (1) & (2) to participate and present their projects by having six projects for the academic year 2020-2021. Three external referees from various educational sectors were hosted, namely: Dr. Asa’d Al-Bustami from the University of Petra, Dr. Tamer Al-Jawfat from the American University in Madaba and Engineer Muhannad Al-Damanhouri from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. The competition provided the participants an opportunity to present the final results of their current projects or their preliminary results of the ideas for the project (1) by submitting a project poster (1) and a Pecha presentation for the project (2) was announced by the department earlier. The students submitted their projects to the referees and faculty members, and the results came as follows: - The following two projects won the first place for Graduation Project (1): 1- Value Engineering in Constructing Projects. The Case of Judicial Institute Management- Jordan 2- Investigation of the Effect of Human Hair and Polyethylene Fibers Insertion on Concrete Mix - The Following project won the second place: 1- A Classical Method & A Numerical Modeling for Designing A Sheet Pile Wall - The following project won the third place: 1- Correlating Comprehensive Design of a Reinforced Concrete Building Subjected to Earthquake with Quantity Surveying Assessment - The following project won the first place for the graduation project (2): 1- Designing an Eco-friendly Building “El Cielo Resort” Designing with its Bill Quantity.