Wednesday 2/12/2020
Dr. Hadeel Al-Jallad from Al-Ahliyya Amman University Participates in A Global Forum

Dr. Hadeel Al-Jallad from the AAU Department of Laboratory Medical Sciences, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, participated in a virtual forum and presented an oral communication and a research poster titled “The proteomics signature of osteoblast derived extra cellular vesicles in osteogenesis imperfects caused by COL1A1 mutations” during the period 18-20 November, 2020. In this forum, Dr. Hadeel discussed the latest findings of her research on osteogenesis imperfect (OI) patients and how the genetic mutation affects biogenesis of vesicles that are made in osteoblasts and then secreted out of the cell. It is worth mentioning that the (ICCBH Conference), which is held every two years in Europe on the sidelines of the agenda of international meetings specialized in orthopedic diseases, attracts regularly an audience of more than 600 delegates to attend it and to discuss the latest research on children's bone disorder. The virtual conference consisted of lectures, sessions with experts, workshops, clinical case discussions, oral communications, research posters discussions and networking sessions. This forum aims to present and discuss new research in the investigative, diagnostic, and therapeutic management of patients with osteoporosis disorders.