Sunday 29/11/2020
The AAU Signs A Training Agreement for the Students of the Department of Cosmetology

The AAU signed on Sunday 29/11/ 2020 a training agreement with the Ozone Company for the Manufacturing of Cosmetic & Natural Products. This Company is specialized in the cosmetic industry. The signing of the agreement aims at training the third-year students of the Department of Cosmetology in the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences. It also intends to enhance their experiences through field practical application, prove them with the practical skills that are compatible with their academic capabilities and improve the partnership between educational institutions and the labor market. It is worth mentioning that the agreement was signed by the AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan, and the Director of the Ozone Company, Mr. Imad Nasir Al-Din and was attended by the Dean of Allied Medical Sciences, Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani.