Monday 16/11/2020
The AAU Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Organizes A Welcome Meeting for the New Students

Under the auspicious of the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Muhammad Al-Tanani, the Co-curricular Activities Committee of the AAU Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences organized a welcome meeting for the new students joining the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 on Thursday, 12/11/2020. This meeting which was held via the Microsoft Teams platform was attended by the Vice Dean, all faculty members and a group of students in the higher academic levels. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Al-Tanani welcomed the new students and stressed that the University is always interested in its students and is keen on devoting all its capabilities to help them achieve their aspirations. He also said that faculty members will be always there to help them. The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Accreditation and Quality Affairs, Dr. Talal Al-Qaisi and Dr. Basem Mir’ee, provided a set of tips and instructions for new students, the most important of which was urging students to continue work diligently to take advantage of all available opportunities that the University provides for its students. Then Dr. Zina Al-Alami, the Head of the Academic Advising Committee at the faculty, urged students to contact the academic advisor and stressed the importance of that. The meeting also included a welcome video presented by all heads of departments and faculty members and included an introductory video for new students in the four departments of the faculty, in addition to many sections that were prepared by faculty students in cooperation with the management of the “Athar Student Club” from the Department of Hearing & Speech.