Sunday 15/12/2019
AAU Students of the “Sanad” Club Organize An Open Day for Free Laboratory Tests

The AAU Department of Allied Medical Sciences organized in cooperation with “Mega Lab” an open day for free laboratory tests including: the blood type, blood sugar level and blood pressure. This event took place on Thursday, 12/12/2019 in Mecca Mall. This activity was carried out by the students of the “Sanad” Club which was established by the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences. The objectives of the “Sanad” Club included the following: motivating students to participate in voluntary work, enhancing their concept of community service, developing their communication skills with community and providing them with different experiences. It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences became a stand-alone Faculty with its four Specializations: the Laboratory Medical Sciences, Hearing & Speech, Optics and Cosmetology, after it was separated from the Faculty of Pharmacy during the current academic year 2019-2020.