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Program Summary
Motorisation and urbanisation are growing very fast without control in many developing countries as well as in the project partner countries (Egypt and Jordan), which resulted negative impacts in road transport in terms of inefficiency transport, congestion, poor public transport, land use, traffic accidents, emissions, energy consumption, etc. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are modern smart systems that integrate telecommunication and Information Technology (IT) on roads and in vehicles. ITS has been proved in many EU countries to be an effective solution in solving current and future transport problems and challenges.
Today, there exists a large knowledge, research and applications in different EU universities about ITS but there is a considerable lack of knowledge and experiences in this field in EG and JO, despite the fact that IT development has made several ITS systems relatively inexpensive and can be put into use even in some low and middle income countries.

The target countries EG & JO are characterised by similar traffic nature, road user behavior, transport mode distribution, culture and language. Therefore, both countries can share largely together knowledge, know-how and good practices.

The project wider objective is to develop and offer an advanced master programme in ITS according to the "Bologna process" requirements, and corresponds to the complexity and nature of transport in EG-JO. The ITS programme will be based on successful course materials, knowledge, teaching methods available at EU universities. Also it is planned specifically to provide students of the Partner Universities with the opportunity to study the Joint Master Programme in ITS both in EG, JO and EU Universities from September 2014 with the possibility to obtain double/ multiple/joint Master Degrees. The consortium will have full respect of the diversity of national education systems, University autonomy and experiences between all involved countries.

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