About HEC
             HEC is the latest AAU achievement that showcases the latest educational technologies and acts as the nucleus for delivering premium quality education to the Jordanian community.

Ultimately, the eLearning Center of Excellence aspires at turning Al-Ahliyya Amman University into the primary preference for education in Jordan and the Arab world by presenting learners and instructors with state-of-the-art tools and a top-notch academic environment that allows for innovative instruction.

The Center is equipped with a state of the art equipment, technologies, and systems; in addition the center focuses on the Human Resource Development at all academic levels in all departments and majors available in the university; facilitating utilization of IT in the learning process; availing the needed support and tools to strengthen the knowledge and skills of all participants in its activities. The center aims at bridging the digital divide between the university community and the Technology in education in general, by using and utilizing such technologies to promote and enhance the education process and delivery of courses.

Benefits of HEC
             HEC is one of the elements of AAU eLearning program. It is a facility equipped with superior technologies to support advance education models. HEC has benefits for both students and faculties:
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Student Benefits
   Accommodates different learning styles, and fosters learning through a variety of activities that apply to different learning styles.

   Fosters self-paced learning whereby students can learn at the rate they prefer and access any time, anywhere.

   Encourages students to browse information through hyperlinks to sites on the World Wide Web, and there by find information relevant to their
     personal situations.

  Develops knowledge of the Internet that will help learners throughout their careers.

  Smart Board 6. Data Projector and slide show.

  Data Projector and slide show.

  Up to date HP, duo Quad computers with 19'' screens.

Faculty Benefits
  Permits instructors to develop materials using the World-Wide resources of the Web.

   Allows instructors to communicate information in a more engaging fashion than in text-based distance education programs.

   Convenient for instructors to access any time, any place.

  Allows instructors to package essential information for all students to access. Instructors can then concentrate on high level activities.

  Retains records of discussion, and allows for later reference through the use of threaded discussion on bulletin boards.

  Generates more personal gratification for instructors through quality student participation.

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