Cisco Networking Academy opened at AAU   
In partnership with Cisco, the leading company in computer networking, the President of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, inaugurated Cisco Networking Academy at the University to train students of Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, Networks and Information Security and the Faculty of Information Technology. This network and information security laboratory is an outstanding center for teaching and training at the level of Jordan and the region.
It will be of benefit to the University students, faculty members, administrative staff, and the community at large. The University has fostered its cooperation with the private sector, which yielded good results, such as this laboratory and it has coordinated with the industrial sector in various fields to develop the study plans to line with the ever-changing labor market requirements and enhance the advanced scientific skills of the students. Students will receive high quality training to be able to enter the labor market efficiently.

The role of AAU has a clear and an ambitious vision and an operational plan to provide quality education that copes with the fast-changing IT market. The laboratory will be holding specialized courses in the field of network and information security to be of great use for the University students, especially at the faculties of Engineering and Information Technology. The manager of Cisco academic program in the Middle East, underlined the importance of the strategic partnership with AAU, which exerts remarkable efforts to develop education and improve its educational outputs. Indicating that the training provided to the students will be based on international curricula within advanced networking technology as part of the study plan. This will provide them with the skills that match the requirements of the labor market. Cisco academic program is part of the Company social responsibility initiated with government partners and non-profit and educational institutions without any financial return. Cisco aims to enable students to take advantage of the programs offered and acquire international certificates, which would boost the efficiency of the graduates and build their technical abilities to increase their competitiveness in the labor market. The laboratory is equipped with the latest networking equipment by Cisco, which includes routers, switches, firewalls, wireless communication points and all related accessories, in addition to modern computers.
Cisco Networking
Academy Openning
Dr. Ali Abdullah
Maha Al-Amad

Prof. Sadeq