Maha Al-Amad of AAU obtained a scholarship by the American Institute
 for participating in “Educating Tomorrow Global Women Leaders Program”
Maha Mohammad Al-Amad a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at AAU obtained a prestigious award provided by the American Institute in the United States for Educating Tomorrow Global Women Leaders Program. Al-Amad was chosen among eighty female applicants from several countries. The eighty applicants were first shortlisted to twenty, and then only four applicants were selected from the shortlisted ones. The program looks for women who possess leadership qualities. The selected nominees traveled to the United States for five weeks, during the period from 28 / 6 /2014 until 2/ 8 /2014, to join an intensive program focusing on the importance of leadership for women.

Maha Al-Amad winning project was based on selecting a female taxi driver. This realistic project is designed to serve Jordanian woman, expand her career choices, change the stereotype of restricting certain jobs to men alone, encourage women to support themselves and their families financially, develop women presence in Jordanian streets and markets, and provide a safe means of transportation for Jordanian women.
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Maha Al-Amad

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