Cooperation agreement between AAU and Business Development Center   
AAU signed a joint cooperation agreement with Business Development Center. Under this agreement, Entrepreneurial Skills course will be offered as part of Entrepreneurship Technology program. The course aims to help students understand entrepreneurship, identify entrepreneur qualities and behavior and decision-making mechanism, and start their own business. The course will further assist students to identify mechanisms to look for finance and company management sources in order to motivate and guide them to find and create job opportunities that are commensurate with their qualifications. In view of the remarkable role of AAU, which is based on entrepreneurship and the fact that it is the leading private university in Jordan, the University was keen to offer this course to students as a three-credit hour elective subject. The course will be offered in the first semester of the academic year 2014 / 2015. The course aims to ensure personal development of students and equip them with the skills that will help them enter the labor market efficiently and effectively.   
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Dr. Ali Abdullah
Maha Al-Amad

Prof. Sadeq