The Founder   
Dr. Ahmed Al-Hourani is the founder of AAU, holding a B.Sc. in History and Law, M.Sc. in Tax Legislation, and a Ph.D. in economy. Recently he has been recognized by the European Court of Arbitration for his valuable contributions to the economy in the area of higher education and in promoting the culture of arbitration. He has been acknowledged and honored by the European Court. Moreover, he is considered as one of the most successful investors on local and regional levels.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani established The United Jordanian Company for Investment Projects Ltd. The main activity of the company was in real estate business. The company achieved tremendous success in its designated field, and soon expanded into more than 8 companies which currently employ more than 3000 person. Al-Hourani Group diversified its activities into several industries which include Education, Hotels & Tourism, Dairy and Fast Food Restaurants.

For his adherence to value investing in education, Dr. Al-Hourani established the University Schools Group with its three different branches. After the flourishing experience of this Group, he realized that the company’s activities should be further extended to include higher education; he founded hereafter the first prestigious private University in Jordan and in the Middle East (Al-Ahliyya Amman University). His project in higher education soon proved grand for his brilliant management and for making available all means and essentials needed for the establishment of a competitive academic institute, and last but not least for the appropriate timing of this leading project, when thousands of students had no chance then to pursue their higher education but abroad.

From the very beginning, AAU has managed to draw great numbers of students from Jordan and the Arab world and a considerable number of students from foreign countries. now, the University comprises nearly six thousands students, more than half of them are non-Jordanians. Besides it has offered more than a thousand job opportunities for Jordanians as well as non-Jordanians. Besides being a competitive academic institute, AAU forms great revenues and assets for the national economy. In brief, Al-Ahliyya Amman University would ever remain one of the main achievements of its founder, and Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani would remain the model of a self-made man who inspires young investors to realize their dreams.
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