Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) organizes visits to the diplomatic
bodies accredited in the Kingdom
Proceeding from the principle of strengthening an effective partnership between AAU and diplomatic bodies accredited to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan HKJ, the Department of Public and International Relations at AAU organized series of visits to these bodies in order to increase the prospects of cooperation with them. The visits included the Embassies of the Republic of Sudan, Lebanon and Yemen, Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Morocco and Bahrain. The Director of the Public and International Relations Department provided a brief introduction about AAU, its programs and degrees. She pointed out that AAU has reconsidered its programs and study plans and linked them to the needs of the labor market in order to keep pace with the new and useful developments and raise the level of its graduates, gave detailed description and overview of AAU programs and disciplines that have been newly introduced, such as networks and information security, business and e-commerce, and film, television, and theatre design. further noted that the University seeks to introduce the optics program. She also explained that AAU is interested in foreign students and provides them with all forms of support and care. Also, it offers them unusual activities that refine students’ personality. The organizers of these bodies thanked AAU initiative to meet with them and introduce them thoroughly to AAU and its plans, which enjoys a remarkable reputation at all levels.
Hearing and Speech Center
Dr. Rana Saeed
Aya Kabariti

The Martyr
Moath Al-Kasasbeh

Diplomatic Bodies