Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) Hearing and Speech Center   
AAU Hearing and Speech Center was established in 2004. The Center is located on campus and aims to train AAU students and serves the local community across all sectors. Services include speech and language disorders evaluation, treatment sessions, hearing examinations, evaluation of hearing impairment disorders of all kinds and the manufacturing of molds for medical earpieces. Hearing Section: The hearing division features a remarkable clinics specialized in hearing and balance assessment. The clinics are equipped with the latest instruments and techniques, and are supervised by a specialized and highly qualified staff. The hearing clinics contain twelve laboratories that provide evaluation, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders and tinnitus through clinic staff and faculty members. Moreover, students receive training through those clinics to perform the necessary tests. take clinical decisions and make the necessary recommendations according to patient diagnosis. The clinics also manufacture hearing aid molds for visiting patients. Speech Section: The speech clinics receive patients from all community segments of various ages. The clinics provide diagnostic and treatment services for communication disorders, including language delay, sound disorders, speech disorders, swallowing difficulties, speech fluency disorders, various types of nasal twang, speech and language disorders caused by hearing weakness, neurogenic communication disorders, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. Speech clinics consist of nine rooms. Evaluation as well as speech and linguistic training of patients are supervised by highly qualified speech and linguistic specialists who hold advanced degrees in this field. The specialists directly supervise the students of the Hearing and Speech Department in terms of training, evaluation and following up patients tasks assigned to them.
* 1100 patients have visited the Center since 2004.
* 9170 Sessions have been offered since 2004.
Hearing and Speech Center
Dr. Rana Saeed
Aya Kabariti

The Martyr
Moath Al-Kasasbeh

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