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Having gone through all the ups and downs of almost two decades, here is Samer Abu-Saifan, 17 years later, sitting for this writing to connect again with AAU, the university that is in part the root of any success he may have achieved, and one of the most memorable and exceptional places he has been to. The time he spent at the Faculty of Art and Sciences exposed him to the amazing world of academia and taught him the meaning of hard work. He still remember why it was so distinguishing to be a student at AAU, competing with the best and mentored by the best. Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, Samer moved to Riyadh – Saudi Arabia in 1999 where he, over the span of 8 years, held various positions in the fields of information technology, business development, change management, and project management. This period is marked by two accomplishments that he is particularly proud of and are considered milestones in his career. The first was co-delivering, an Islamic encyclopedia that is funded and operated by The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da'wah, and Guidance, and the second was playing a major technical and managerial role in laying the foundation for introducing the Saudi government job portal; managed and operated by The Ministry of Civil Service. In 2007, Samer moved with his family to Toronto – Canada to pursue further endeavors, he is currently working with the Municipal Government of Toronto and commissioned as the Manger of Business Development and Information Technology at a non-profit organization in downtown area. During the time he spent overseas, he joined Ryerson University in 2008 to pursue further education where he earned a Diploma in Business Management in 2009. It was not long before he decided to pursue another higher degree. He enrolled in an engineering graduate program at Carleton University – Ottawa in 2010 and graduated with a Master’s of Engineering in Technology Innovation Management in 2013. During the time he spent pursuing his graduate studies at Carleton,Samer’s published work in the field of social entrepreneurship was internationally renowned. It is being taught in universities across North America and Europe. He constantly receives invitations from national educational institutes and non-profit entities to lecture about social entrepreneurship as a field of inquiry in relation to the general theory of entrepreneurship and the role it plays in improving the welfare of communities. Still on the social entrepreneurship note, Samer developed an interest in researching ways to improve the life quality for children and families living with autism through introducing innovative tech-based new methods in education for children on the autism spectrum. In 2011, he founded Autism Ottawa (Ottism); a social purpose business that uses innovative technologies to deliver therapeutic educational services to children living with autism and help their families attain better life quality. Ottism is planned to move from development into commercialization in late 2016.   
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