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نظام التسجيل للهواتف الذكية
نظام التسجيل للهواتف الذكية

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General Announcements
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13 Thursday, 3 2014
Schedule of Arabic, English, and Computer Skills Entrance placement Examination
The Computerized Examinations Committee at Al-Ahliyya Amman University announces the schedule of Ara...... Details...
30 Thursday, 1 2014
Incomplete Computer Skills (2) Exam
The incomplete mid-term exam of Computer Skills (2) will be held on Thursday, 02.01.2014, at 1-2 PM,...... Details...
26 Thursday, 12 2013
The computers skills (1) midterm exam
The faculty of IT announces that the midterm exam for computer skills(1) is postponed to 2/1/2014 ba...... Details...
22 Sunday, 12 2013
... Details...
5 Thursday, 12 2013
... Details...
5 Thursday, 12 2013
... Details...
5 Thursday, 12 2013
... Details...
3 Tuesday, 12 2013
Holding tutotrial lecture on General Physics Course
The Deanship of the Faculty of Information Technology announces holding a tutorial lecture on Genera...... Details...
27 Wednesday, 11 2013
... Details...
20 Wednesday, 11 2013
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