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Business School


The AAU’s Dean of the School of Business Meets with the Newly Enrolled Students

The AAU’s Dean of the School of Business met with the newly registered students during the second semester of the academic year 2017-2018 in the Faculty Theater. This meeting aimed to acquaint the students with the Faculty, its departments and its ...

Students from the AAU’s School of Business Visit A Human Care Home

Pursuant to the Mother’s Day activities organized by the AAU, a number of students enrolled in the Department of Finance and Banking visited the Home of Human Care (A Home for Someone who has No Home) in the Fuhais city. During this visit, which took...

The AAU School of Business Hosts A Lecture Titled “Electronic Payment and Digital Currency”

The AAU School of Business hosted a lecture titled “Electronic Payment and Digital Currency”. This lecture which took place on Tuesday 20/3/2018, was delivered by Mrs. Maha Al-Bahu, the Executive Director of the Department of Payment Systems and the ...


The Business School was established in the year 1990 to meet the market demand of the various business related programs and therefore provide the society with qualified human resources. Based on the market needs, a number of programs were established within the school. These include: Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and Financial Sciences, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Hotel and Tourism Management.


school takes every effort to ensure all the labs are provided with the latest equipment’s, systems, techniques and qualified trainers to provide advanced hands-on training for the students who wish to excel in their respective stream of studies.