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Faculty of Nursing


The AAU Students of the Faculty of Nursing Organize A Lecture in Al- Esra Hospital

Under the supervision of the AAU instructor Marwan Salama from the AAU, the students who registered in the “Adult Health Nursing” Course organized a lecture in Al-Esra Hospital titled “Chemotherapy in Cancer Patients”. This lecture was delivered by D...

The Initiative of Students of the AAU’s Faculty of Nursing

Under the supervision of the instructor Muhannad Al-Deqs, a group of the AAU’s Faculty of Nursing students participated with students registered in the Mental Health Nursing Course in assisting the recipients of psychological service in the National ...

The AAU Launches the Initiation of the “Day of Change”

Under the patronage of the Vice President Prof. Suliman Al-Lawzy and on behalf of the AAU President, the Faculty of Nursing launched the activities of the “Day of Change”. The initiation which took place on Wednesday, 18/11/2017 was organized in coop...


The Faculty of Nursing was established at the beginning of the academic year 2006/2007 as per the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approval number 27/2/2005. Inaugurated under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Academic Research, it is the most recently established faculty at Alahliyya Amman University.


Faculty takes every effort to ensure all the labs are provided with the latest equipment’s, systems, techniques and qualified trainers to provide advanced hands-on training for the students who wish to excel in their respective stream of studies.