18 Wednesday, 1 2017
The Terms of Participating in Dr. Ahmad Al-Horani’s Award for Reciting the Holy Quran among Students of Jordanian Universities

Al-Ahliyya Amman University organized a contest titled “Dr. Ahmad Al-Horani’s Award for Reciting the Holy Quran” among students of Jordanian universities. The contest will take place on Monday February13, 2017 in the University Headquarters. The terms of this contest are as follow: 1- Each university may participate with four students at most (two girls and two boys). 2- The participant should be a regular student during the undergraduate study. 3- S/he should be proficient in the provisions of recitation and Tajweed. 4- The student will be examined in two texts in the Holy Quran of his own choice for a period of time to be estimated by the committee. 5- All participants shall be handed certificates. 6- A specialized arbitration committee will supervise the award. 7- The contest shall be cancelled in case the number of participants is less than ten in each group. 8- Winners who achieve the first three places will be granted monetary prizes according to the attached table. 9- Applications shall be sent to Al-Ahliyya Amman University/ the Deanship of Student Affairs, fax number: 06/5336104 no later than Thursday February2, 2017 For further inquiries, please contact phone number: 0796366275
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