AAU Announcements

3 Wednesday, 1 2018
Opening Registration in the Second Contest of the Late Ahmad Al-Horani for Mastering and Reciting the Holy Quran
The Deanship of Student Affairs announces the second contest of the Late Dr. Ahmad Al- Horani regarding Mastering and Reciting the Holy Quran by male and female students of the Jordanian universities. This event will take place on Thursday, 8/2/2018. Students who wish to participate in the contest, kindly visit the Deanship of Student Affairs during a period that ends on Thursday, 11/1/2018. A selection will choose two female students and two male ones to represent the university in the award. P.S. Kindly see the attached brochure which explains the terms of participation and its awards.
4 Monday, 12 2017
The AAU’s Deanship of Student Affairs Opens the Registration in Al-Wafaa Second Sport Course
The AAU’s Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the Arena Complex organized Al-Wafaa Second Sport Course during the period 10-14/12/2017 in the following: - Swimming - Bowling - Play station 4 - Billiards - Volleyball Students who desire to participate in the course should contact the supervisor of sport activities in the Deanship of Student Affairs, Mr. Ramzi Al-Oumairy and the attendant of reservation and registration in the Arena Complex within a maximum period that ends on Thursday, 7/12/2017.
4 Monday, 12 2017
Free Courses
The Career Guidance and Graduates Follow up Office announces holding a group of free training courses according to the dates listed in the attached schedule. For inquiries, please contact the office adjacent to the Nizar Qabani Theater.
2 Thursday, 11 2017
“Communication Skill Courses” Are Offered Free of Charge
The Career Guidance and Graduates Follow Up Office/ The King Abdullah II Fund offer free training courses regarding “Communication Skills and My Path to Securing a Job”. These free courses which are provided by the Injaz Company will be held on Thursdays for six weeks during the months of October and November .They will be as follows: The first date: from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm The second date: from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm It is worth noting that the participants will be handed free training certificates at the end of the courses.
26 Thursday, 10 2017
A Scientific Symposium Titled “The Danger of Influenza”
The Department of Medical Services in the AAU in cooperation with the SANOFI PASTEUR organizes a scientific symposium regarding “The Danger of Influenza” on Tuesday 31/10/2017 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Nizar Qabani Theater.
25 Wednesday, 10 2017
Theater Play
The Jordanian Breast Cancer Program in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs organizes a theater play to raise awareness about Breast Cancer titled “lucid Interference” performed by Muhammad Al-Zugul and Moaz Al-Buzur. This event which includes many other activities will take place on Monday 30/10/2017 at 12:00 pm in the Nizar Qabani Theater.
23 Monday, 10 2017
Contact the Deanship of Student Affairs for Lost Items
The Deanship of Student Affairs in the AAU announces the following lost items. So, whoever lost these items should contact Mrs Rula Al- Dabee in the Deanship of Student Affairs within one month from the date of this announcement. The lost items are: 1) a wallet in the name of Omran Issa Ali Yusef, 2) medical glasses and 3) a sum of money.
23 Monday, 10 2017
New Students Welcome Party
The Deanship of Student Affairs in the AAU organized a reception for the new students registered during the first semester 2017-2018.This reception took place on Sunday, 29/10/2017 at 12:00 pm in the Nizar Qabani Theater. The event included a number of recreational and educational activities in addition to having cultural competitions. After that, the new students took a round in the University facilities and ended in the Arena Complex.
10 Sunday, 9 2017
A Trip for the AAU Academic and Administrative Staffs
The Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the Public and International Relations Department at the AAU is pleased to arrange a trip to the Dead Sea area and to spend two days and one night in the Holiday Inn. This trip which takes place on Friday and Saturday 20-21- 10- 2017 is organized according to the following terms: 1) The rate for the double bedroom or single room is one hundred JD including breakfast and dinner. 2) Children below the age of six are free of charge. 3) The rate for children between six and twelve years is thirty five JD including breakfast and dinner and an additional bed. 4) This reservation includes the Friday 20-10-2017 dinner and the breakfast of Saturday 21-10-2017. 5) The reservation shall begin on Friday 20-10-2017 at 3:00 pm and ends on Saturday 21-10-2017 at 12:00 pm. 6) Registration shall commence at the Finance Department and lasts until Thursday 28- 9-2017. 7) The Finance Department as instructed by the University President shall deduct the whole amount of money for the faculty member from his salary. It shall also deduct the charges for administrative staff by using two installments. 8) In case of cancellation after 28-9-2017, the University shall deduct the whole amount from the salary as if the person had participated in the trip. 9) Transportation is arranged as follows: 1) Faculty and administrative staffs and employees can use their own vehicles if they wish or use the University vehicles from the University and back to it. 10) For more information, please contact Zeina Abu Al-Samen at 0772339332.
5 Wednesday, 7 2017
Important Notice for the Graduates
Graduates who are interested in delivering the graduation speech on behalf of the graduating students in the 24th graduation ceremony are kindly invited to contact and submit their texts to Miss Hala Al-Saheb, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, in building a, no later than Thursday July, 13, 2017.
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