AAU Announcements

3 Thursday, 8 2017
Perform the ‘Udhiyyah’ with Tkiyet Um Ali
30.000 families are waiting for your ‘Udhiyyah’. Perform your ‘Udhiyyah’ with Tkiyet Um Ali which is supervised by the General Ifta’a Department. We will distribute the ‘Udhiyyahs’ to 30.000 needy families around the year. To perform your ‘Udhiyyah’ call us at 064900900 or visit our website: . You may also refer to our sites in the following commercial centers: City Mall, City Mall Center, Taj Mall, Galliria Mall, Amman Mall, the Safeway (7th Circle), the Shmisani Safeway, Muktar Mall, Al-Kalooty Mosque or the Friday Jara Market. You may also use the Um Ali application: Search the TUA on IOS or Tkiyet Um Ali on Android and perform your donation Quigley and easily.
3 Thursday, 8 2017
Sales coordinator vacancy
Leading industrial company located in Aqaba City – Jordan looking for a suitable candidate for the Job of full time as sales coordinator. Requirements & Description: • Proven experience in sales 1 – 2 yrs; experience as a sales coordinator or in other administrative positions will be considered a plus; • Good computer skills (MS Office) • Proficiency in English • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • BSc/BA in business administration or relevant field; certification in sales or marketing will be an asset To apply please send your CV to:
3 Thursday, 8 2017
The AAU Faculty of Law Announces the Final Exam for the Human Rights Course
The Faculty of Law announces the date of the final exam for the Human Rights Course (all sections) which will be held on Thursday, August 10/2017 in the labs of the Faculty of Information Technology, 3rd floor, building a.
3 Thursday, 8 2017
Announcing the Dates of the Faculty of Law Final Exams
The Faculty of Law announces the dates of the final exams offered during the summer course of the academic year 2016-2017 as illustrated in the schedule below.
3 Thursday, 8 2017
Announcing the Date of the 24th Graduation Ceremony for the Students Graduating in the Summer Semester 2016-2017
The AAU announces the date of the 24th Graduation Ceremony for the Students Graduating in the Summer Semester 2016-2017 which will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Arena Theatre.
3 Thursday, 8 2017
The Financial Instructions Regarding Registration during the First Semester of 2017-2018
The Department of Finance emphasizes the importance of following the attached instructions for students who wish to register during the first semester 2017-2018.
1 Tuesday, 8 2017
An Important Announcement for Students Registered in the Computer Skills Course
All students who did not sit for the Mid Term Exam in the Remedial Computer Skills, Human Computer Skills, Computer Skills 1 (Blended), and whose excuses were accepted and whose names listed in the attached schedule, must attend the makeup exam on Thursday, 3-8-2017, at 1:30 pm in lab# (1305), building A.
31 Monday, 7 2017
Opening the Door for the Registration in the “Civil Engineer” and the “Mobile Network Projects” Courses
The AAU in cooperation with the Foundation of Sense and Engineering Thought announced the opening of registration in the courses of “Civil Engineers” and “Mobile Network Projects”. Each one of these courses which will be held in the University consists of 30 hours. The registration is opened for the students of Civil Engineering and Electronics & Communications Engineering from all Jordanian universities. For further information and details, please see the attached brochure.
30 Sunday, 7 2017
Announcing the Results of the Computer Skills Remedial Exam
The Faculty of Information Technology announced the results of the remedial exam of the Computer Skills Course which was offered in the summer semester 2016-2017. The results are presented in the attached schedule.
26 Wednesday, 7 2017
Distributing Students in the Final Exams of English Language Remedial Courses 1&2 Offered by the Language Center during the Academic Year 2016-2017
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences announced the schedule of distributing the summer session students in the final exams of English Language 1 & English Language Communication skills 2 in accordance with the attached schedule below.